The 1920ís Fancy Dress Code: Time to Bring Back the Old Retro Look

Published: 14th March 2011
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One of the most difficult decisions while wearing something to an old theme party is the dress from those periods. The dress code during the early part of the 20th century was quite different from what it is now. The style of apparel from that era was quite classic, timeless but nevertheless very glamorous.

The yesteryear leading ladies started the trend of the 20s to 40s costumes which was popularly followed by the public. Even the men from those days were not far behind in sense of dressing. Sleek trousers with stripped shirts and big collars were some of the dresses for men. Girls had the style of the sophisticated urbanizing ladies which was quite glamorous.

Even though the dressing of the early 20th century was more extravagant and flamboyant, they looked quite elegant. When the theme is the 1920ís fancy dress, it is better to weigh the various options that are available. One of the more common dresses for the females was the flapper dresses. This was mostly worn by the dancing females who epitomized the modern women of that era. With heavy make up, differently styled hair, and the compulsory cigarette in their hand, they signed in a new change in dressing. This was the style which can also be represented by the kids 1940s costumes that are available in some fancy dress stores.

For males, the scholarly look with the blazers can be a prominent option. In those days, the famous universities like oxford, Harvard or Cambridge were considered as the style makers. Sporting activities in England were the places which reflected the actual costume of the high class society. Kids 1940s costumes which reflect the scholarly mood of that period are quite famous fancy dresses.

Another very famous 1920ís fancy dress wear was that of the mob. Both girls and boys can wear these mob dresses to fancy dress parties. It sure turned the heads and made the wearer quite prominent in the whole party. More options of wearing such mob 1940s costumes were of those famous names like Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone etc. With the right combination of dresses which replicates the style of those days, surely one can win attention in a costume party.

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